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Gospel Tabernacle Church Guide Lines For Covid-19 Reopening

June 1, 2020


We are in a changing time. It shows us how quickly events can affect not only us but also the whole world. We want to be aware and concerned about each other’s health and welfare. Therefore, that is why we are implementing the following guidelines. They are as follows. 


In Matt. 22:36-40 Jesus responded to a question as to the greatest commandment. His response was to “Love the Lord God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind” “And the second is like unto it, thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself” So we may not like some of these restrictions, but let us do them for each other. In this, we can manifest our love to each other.


First Things First.

  • Are you sick?  If you have a temperature of 100.5 or higher or if you are coughing or sneezing with signs of a possible sickness, we must then insist that you stay home. 
  • Those who have under lying health conditions should use wisdom and stay home. This is for your safety. 

  • The CDC has recommended that if you are over 60 or have health issues such as high blood pressure, heart trouble, stroke, diabetes, breathing issues, autoimmune issues or blood disorders, etc. you should not be anywhere there are crowds.

  • We will continue to live-stream on our website with password-only access.  If you are not able to watch the service on live stream then we can see to it that you receive a DVD of the service. 


Main Foyer Entrance Only. 

This will allow us to seat everyone in an orderly fashion and still allow us to keep everyone 6 feet apart.

  • Remain in your cars until Doors Open 15 minutes before start of service.
  • An usher will then open the door for you so you will not have to handle the door. 

  • Upon entering you will be require to maintain a social distance of a 6 feet radius, with the exception of your household.

  • An usher will seat you (and your family). You cannot chose your own seat! Please obey the usher; this is for your protection as well as others.

  • Hand sanitizing station will be available to use before you enter sanctuary.


No Visiting or Congregating Before or After Services.​

  • After the service is over please wait until the usher dismisses your row. 

  • Walk in an orderly fashion. 


  • If you want to speak or socialize outside in the parking lot, please stay apart 6 feet.

  • There will be a time to fellowship and visit when this is all over. This is only temporary.


Face Mask is Recommended. 

The CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask.  You do not have to wear it during service; however it is recommended that you wear a mask to enter the church; and upon exit.  If you have to get up during service to use the restroom, wear a mask whenever you are moving around your brothers and sisters. This is for their safety as well as yours.


Maintain Social Distancing ​

  • 6 Foot of Space

  • No Handshaking

  • No Hugging

  • No Kissing

  • Prayer lines are not allowed. If you need prayer raise your hand and the whole church will pray for you from their seats or where they are standing.

  • For those who wish to testify, WAIT FOR THE USHER TO BRING YOU THE MICROPHONE. Please avoid touching the microphone or stand. 


One Family Per Pew. 

Families (that live in the same house together) are asked to sit together in the same pew. If you live in the same house, you can sit by and remain close to those of same household.

  • Remain in Your Pew until service is over.

  • You can sing, shout, dance and praise the Lord all you want, just remain in your pew.

  • Maintain social distancing. 

  • If you need to exit your pew, please wear a mask.


Main Foyer Restrooms Only.


To help us keep the restrooms clean between services, the hallway restrooms will remain closed. 

  • When using the restroom only one person is allowed at a time in each restroom, with the exception of you and your child. 

  • There should be no congregating in the Restrooms.

  • After you finish in the restroom wipe down everything you touched with a sanitary wipe!!! Then put your wipe in the trash can not in the commode!


Hallway Restrooms/Dining Room Closed.

  • Do not use the hallway water fountain or restrooms.


Nursery is Closed.

Due to the number of children that we have in the church, we are keeping the nursery closed. 

  • Parents may only use the nursery to change diapers, or for nursing mothers. 
  • There should be no congregating in the nursery. 

  • After you finish in the nursery, wipe down everything you touched with a sanitary wipe!!! Then put your wipe in the trash can not in the commode!



Revised 8/16/2020.  Band members who want to play their instruments may do so, but must maintain and follow safety standards as outlined above. Family members who reside in the same home must sit together regardless of what instrument is being played.  

We are taking these measures to try to protect everyone. There have been cases where a person had no symptoms at all but was yet a carrier of Covid- 19. That is why we are taking such measures. Please bear with us and try to understand the necessity of these actions we are taking. Remember we are doing this for each other. As Jesus said by this will all men know you are disciples because you have love one to another. This is for protection of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us pray for each other and get our love one to another. 


May God Bless you all Richly.


Bro. Alfred Daves

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